By submitting a Wheelchair Request on our website, via email or social media you agree to these terms and conditions.


  1. Wheelchair requests are from families or individuals in need financial assistance for a pet wheelchair. We are a non-profit organization with limited funds.  

  2. Provide us with letter from your veterinarian verifying your pet’s condition may be helped by the use of a wheelchair.

  3. Wheelchairs are free of charge for your pet to use until it is no longer needed or until your pet passes away. When the wheelchair is no longer needed,  we ask you to ship the cart to*:

Rescued Rollers**
611 Fairview Avenue
Galion, Ohio 44833

*You are responsible for the cost of shipping.
**Rescued Rollers will refurbish the wheelchair and donate it to other pets in need.


  1. If the brand new wheelchair does not fit your pet or it does not work for any reason, we ask that you return the wheelchair back to the vendor.

  2. Contact us at splash@wheelingsuperheroes.org to make arrangements.


We believe handicapped pets deserve a chance to be mobile and to continue living happily.  We ask for your testimonials, photos and videos to share your success and provide inspiration to other pet owners.

  1. When you send us your requests, emails, testimonial, photos and videos or tag us on our social media accounts, you are giving us non-exclusive, irrevocable permission to use any material you submit in any form, in part or in full, edited for grammar, content, or tone.

  2. We may alter or combine emails, photos and videos to add our logo/brand and share them. Your pet may be featured on our Instagram account, website, Facebook Page, online and printed materials.

You expressly agree that use of the pet wheelchairs at your own risk and that Wheeling Superheroes is not responsible for any loss or damages. By submitting a request for wheelchair form you agree to these terms and conditions.