12 year old Border Collie from St. Augustine, Florida in need of a medium rear-end wheelchair: $366

Donations received: $336.00 (Updated 8/27/2018)

Trinity, our beloved 12 year old Border Collie, was diagnosed with IVDD after suddenly rupturing a disk causing a portion of the disk to protrude upward and place pressure on her spinal cord. Although our vet said our dog was not paralyzed (still had deep sensation), the ruptured disk left our dog in severe pain, the inability to use her hind legs, and the loss of her bladder/bowel control.

Unfortunately, my husband and I were unable to afford surgery and opted for the more affordable conservative medical management (bedrest, medications, and lots of love) as the primary treatment option for our dog. Although we were frightened by Trinity’s sudden decline in health, we remained positive that she would make it through this difficult time in her life.

After three weeks of bed rest and medications, Trinity was only showing slight improvements. Although her right hind leg was getting stronger, her left hind leg was still very weak. Unfortunately, she remained confined to a bed and unable to lift her hind legs to stand up/walk.

After four weeks, however, Trinity gained full control of her bladder and bowel movements. She is now able to use the bathroom outside with the help of a rear sling and a little guidance from her loving parents.

Although our vet was thrilled to find out that Trinity was now using the bathroom outdoors, he was still concerned that she did not have the strength to lift her her hind legs up to stand/walk. He told us that she may just need more time to heal and to continue the nursing care we had been providing her since her injury. He also recommended us getting a cart (wheelchair) for our dog so she could be more mobile and enjoy being outside for longer periods of time.

Trinity has been a very active dog (biking, running, and going on long walks) her entire life and she would love to get back to the outdoors she so dearly loves. We believe a cart would give her the quality of life she deserves and the ability to live her life to the fullest. Unfortunately, my husband and I are unable to afford a new cart for our dog at this time and we would be extremely grateful to have a cart donated to us through your wonderful organization.

Thank you so much for hearing Trinity’s story. We look forward to hearing from you soon and seeing our furry little friend run around outdoors once again!
— Trinity's Mom and Dad
trinity 2



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