I am reaching out to you in desperation for my beautiful, forever foster, German shepherd, Timmy. He weighs 83 pounds and is in perfect health except for his back legs. I have fostered him for four years after he was rescued from the shelter. Timmy arrived at the shelter as a stray who was hit by a car. He healed beautifully from his injuries, but he has developed severe arthritis in the rear leg that was hit and moderate arthritis in his other rear leg. He has been on pain medication, an anti-inflammatory drug, and Dasuquin for about 18 months, which really help, but recently I have seen a deterioration in his ability to walk and get up from a down position. I have been using a large towel to help raise him up and to assist him with walking when he is having a hard time. My vet says that a wheelchair is his only option.
— Timmy's Mom


12 year old German Shepherd from Glendale, California

Needs: Large Rear-End Wheelchair = $400.00

Donations Received: $375 (Updated: 7/25/2018)


Vet recommendation:

My client has informed me that Timmy has been approved for a wheelchair through your organization. I am thrilled for him! He has severe degenerative disk disease and arthritis in his lumbar spine. A wheelchair would be ideal to improve his quality of life and get him mobile again. If you need any of his medical records please let me know what else you may need. Thank you so much for the tremendous service you provide for those in need. 




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