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2 Year Old Chihuahua / Dachshund Mix ~ Thornton, Colorado

Fundraising for: Small Rear- End Wheelchair

"We got Rowdy a couple years ago for my son's 10th birthday. Rowdy was a 2 month old puppy living in a bad home and we had the chance to take him and we did. My son always wanted a dog of his own. He was the perfect match.

My son draws pictures, makes videos, storybooks, and so many more of Rowdy. He also makes him costumes. He loves his dog and I've never seen such a beautiful bond between a boy and his dog. He has been sick a few times since we've had him and knew he was going to be a delicate dog.

But, nothing like this. A couple months ago Rowdy lost feeling on his hind legs. From one day to the other. My son was devastated. It's very hard on both of them. Rowdy can't go potty on his own so we have to help him go. Or more my son. He cleans up Rowdys accidents and baths him almost everyday.

I have 2 jobs so it's difficult to help him out. Getting a chair for Rowdy is very costly. Especially having to buy him diapers and pads. We were told it might take up to 6 months to see if he heals. But nothing has improved. I don't want to see this as its us giving up on him. I have hope he will heal. But still need the help of a chair to strengthen him. Let me know what we need to get help. I would really appreciate. I know Rowdy and my son will appreciate more. Thank you." -Rowdy's Mom