Zeke is a 14 year old Chocolate Labrador from Pittsburgh, PA in need of a Large Rear-End Wheelchair: $450.00

Bella is an 8 year old American Eskimo from Ann Arbor, MI in need of a WalkinPets Front Wheel Attachment for her WalkinPets Rear-End Wheelchair. $150.00

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3 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback from Puryear, TN

Needs: Medium Quad Wheelchair $584.00

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11 year old Maltese from Raleigh, NC

Needs: X-Small Rear-End Wheelchair ~ $150.00

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10 year old German Shepherd from Carnesville, GA ~ Needs: Large Rear-End Wheelchair ~ $400

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11 Year Old Staffordshire Bull Terrier ~ UK ~ Medium Quad Wheelchair ~ $900

"I have a gorgeous, soft, loving 11 year old staffy called Bruce. Approximately 6 years ago, he broke his front left elbow which required several surgeries and life long care. Since then, he has now developed severe arthritis in both front legs to the point where he can only take a few steps before collapsing with weakness.

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10 year old pug from Boise, ID

Needs: Small Rear-End Wheelchair ~ $200.00

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Abigail is a 7 year old Dachshund from Immokalee, Florida in need of a small rear-end wheelchair = $200 | Donate | Sponsor | Share | 100% of your money brings wheelchairs to dogs in need when you donate. https://www.wheelingsuperheroes.org/



9 year old Boxer from Durango, Colorado Needs: Medium/Large Rear-End Wheelchair ~ $350.00

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8 Year Old West Highland Terrier ~ Ireland ~ Rear-End Wheelchair ~ $500

Wheelchair Ordered!

"I'm hoping ye can help Jessie to walk again, she has ruptured her hind knees & cannot walk, my vet has recommended a wheelchair to give her & me a new lease of life, please help us if ye can."
Kind regards
Anne & Jessie



Wheelchair Ordered! Needs: Small Rear-End Wheelchair = $200.00 "Meiko was a shelter dog rescued from euthanization. He's 1 year old and has had a fractured back. His previous owner said he jumped off a table and when he "hit the hardwood floor" he broke his back. I was wondering about help with a wheelchair. Thank you in advance."


sam arthur 



Date of Birth: 01/31/2004, 14 year old pug ~ Bainbridge Island, WA

Needs: Small Rear-End Wheelchair ~ $200.00

Wheelchair Ordered!

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9 Year Old Golden Retriever ~ Okemah, OK ~ Custom Front-Wheel Cart ~ $900

Wheelchair Ordered!

Gracie has been on 3 legs for 1&1/2 yrs. she has nerve neuropathy in her cervical spine and total atrophy of her front right leg. Her left leg is wearing out.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.  -Gracie's Mom




12 Year Old German Shepherd ~ Glendale, CA ~ Large Rear-End Wheelchair ~ $400

Wheelchair Ordered!

"I am reaching out to you in desperation for my beautiful, forever foster, German shepherd, Timmy. He weighs 83 pounds and is in perfect health except for his back legs. I have fostered him for four years after he was rescued from the shelter. Timmy arrived at the shelter as a stray who was hit by a car. He healed beautifully from his injuries, but he has developed severe arthritis in the rear leg that was hit and moderate arthritis in his other rear leg. He has been on pain medication, an anti-inflammatory drug, and Dasuquin for about 18 months, which really help, but recently I have seen a deterioration in his ability to walk and get up from a down position. I have been using a large towel to help raise him up and to assist him with walking when he is having a hard time. My vet says that a wheelchair is his only option." ~Timmy's Foster's Mom

Sir Chesterfield

sir chesterfield

15 Year Old Welsh Corgi ~ Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey ~ Medium Quad Wheelchair ~ $363

Wheelchair Ordered!

“My Welch Corgi needs a wheel chair really bad. He wants to walk but can’t because his back legs are lame now. He still eats well and likes to try to play with my other dogs. He has a very good personality and good nature.

I appreciate this so much. I have been carrying Chester in and out on the grass, sponge bathing him, and taking such good care of him .
We love him and will be so happy to see him walk again and have fun outside with the other dogs.” -Sir Chesterfield’s Mom



15 year old Boxer Mix from Carrboro, North Carolina

Needs: Medium/Large Rear-End Wheelchair = $350.00

Wheelchair Ordered!


“My dog’s over all health is Very Good! Baby’s eyes, ears, bones, teeth hips are in no distress or compromised by any illness. My fur baby is suffering from degenerative Myelopathy in her rear left leg. I want nothing more than to give her her dignity and quality of life back. The Vet has recommended several expensive treatments (that I can not afford) or Euthanasia...you are my last resort. Thank you for your consideration.”

— Baby's Mom



15 year old pug from Hanover, PA

Needs: Small Rear-End Wheelchair  = $200.00

Wheelchair Ordered!

“I was referred to you by someone on the Senior Pugs Rule Facebook page. My Basil turns 15 tomorrow and had a check up today. The vet said his heart sounded good. He is doing pretty good for his age... except his back legs. She said she feels like his issues are mostly due to weakness and loss of muscle mass rather than just pain. I have been trying to treat the pain but I think he really just needs some extra support. I have a three year old and a one year old (human children). And we call Basil Nanny because he sees it as his job to be with them every second of the day. We carry him all over the place because he wants to be with us and makes sure we don’t forget to carry him up steps or take him outside with us. He is the best dog to our family and I’d love to help him do his Nanny job a little easier. Thank you.”

— Basil's Mom


Bear is a 4 year old Pomeranian from Waynesville, NC. Small Rear-End Wheelchair ~ WHEELCHAIR ORDERED

"Our dog was attacked by a large dog Monday. Vet bill was 500, we are now struggling and can't get a wheelchair for Bear at this time. He is paralyzed now in the rear, he is working so hard to get around a wheelchair would make his life great again everyday. Thank you.” -Bear’s Mom


15 Year Old Pug ~ Erie, PA ~ Small Rear-End Wheelchair ~ $188 WHEELCHAIR ORDERED

"I am looking for help with my pug Sasha she has recently started to have mobility issues with her back legs and I'm financially strained due to being a new mom and its breaking my heart seeing her like this we would both be forever grateful if you could help her regain some of her mobility. Thank you so much. -Sasha's mom


13 Year Old Pug ~ Landsdale, PA ~ Small Rear-End Wheelchair ~ $188 WHEELCHAIR ORDERED

"Grandma Chrissie is still a feisty pug (pictured on the left). Her favorite pass time is eating and playing tug of war with her toys growling and wagging her tail as much as she can. She loves to go outside in the fresh air and sits to watch traffic go by waiting for barking opportunities to come along. Her back legs are failing her. She drags her feet and falls down when she tries to go potty so we got her an assist sling to give her some support and so she does not fear falling down. She loves going around the block for walks but can't make it anymore. A wheelchair would hopefully give her back some of her freedom to be able to go for those walks she loves so much." - Chrissie's Mom