Sarges’ previous owner passed away unexpectedly and her family moved her things but left her dogs. Other people took the other dogs but Sarge was left behind.

He was confused and scared, used as a breeding dog he was not a social boy. Concerned people, the humane society and a rescue group worked tirelessly to try and catch Sarge. Everyone took turns making sure he was fed and watered. I heard about him when I moved to the adjoining neighborhood. It took me 4 months of going by everyday to be able to touch his nose. And another 2 to get him into a crate. I promised him that he would have a safe, forever home with me.

We are at the point now that he is unable to use his back legs due to the degeneratIve spinal disease. He is otherwise a healthy boy, just miserable that he can’t be active. Any help you could offer us, would be greatly appreciated by myself and by Sarge. Thank you for your consideration.
— Sarge's New Mom


10 year old German Shepherd from Carnesville, GA

Needs: Large Rear-End Wheelchair $400

Donations received: $400.00 (Updated 8/14/2018)



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