11 year old Maltese named Peace from Raleigh, NC ~ Needs: X-Small Rear-End Wheelchair. To Donate:

I have an 11 year old Maltese named Peace who recently went blind and then a week later fell over my parents second story balcony. She ended up not having any internal injuries nor broken bones, but she damaged a spinal disc and can no longer use her back legs.

She is the sweetest thing, but I cannot currently afford a wheelchair for her. Her veterinarian said that euthanasia would not be necessary because she’s doing so well. I would be so grateful if anybody could help me find a wheelchair for her to use for her. Peace knows her way around my home and is always so excited when I lift her hind-legs so she can “run” with her front ones rather than dragging everywhere.

Currently, she uses a drag bag, but I know she would be much happier and comfortable with a wheelchair as well. She’s about 7lbs and likely needs an X-small.

Best regards and thanks for your help!
— Peace's Mom




11 year old Maltese from Raleigh, NC Needs: X-Small Rear-End Wheelchair ~ $150.00

Donations received: $150.00 (Updated 8/14/2018)

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