Meet Lucky

needs a Large Rear-End Wheelchair ($450-$550)

Lucky 2.JPG

Lucky ~ 2 Years Old ~ Labrador ~ Mount Lookout, West Virginia

"This is Lucky. We picked him up on US Route 19 in Nicholas county after he was hit by a vehicle.  We seen him in the median moving around and we got a blanket and he immediately crawled on it. As to say help me! So we loaded him in the back of the car and took him to the vets office. 

Lucky was a stray we had never seen him before this day and the vet said they would keep him and contact the animal shelter and would likely be put to sleep or we could pay for x-rays and care and save him.  5 minutes after we found him we spent $400 on his care.  The result not great.  Both hips broke and pelvis crushed one side pulled away from spine.


Being a disabled veteran I couldn’t imagine putting him down because he was injured. -Lucky's Dad

I’m a disabled veteran who needed my country’s help caring for me (after my time in the service) and I wasn’t discarded. I'm going to do our best to provide him proper care and a chance at life.  After the vet bill, being on a set income, I can’t afford to provide a wheelchair at this time to allow Lucky the chance at being mobile again.

So, until we can get a wheelchair he will be towed around in a wagon and give all the love we can give him. A total hip replacement is in his future if he’s to have any chance of walking again and then it’s not promised.  I’m a disabled veteran who needs this dog as much as he needs me.  So if you could help us help lucky we would greatly appreciate it and may god bless each of you. Below are pics of lucky in the car, wagon and laying on a mat and blanket on my porch". -Robert (Lucky's Dad)