Monsoeir Rawlings


Monsoeir Rawlings is a 4 year old Blue French Bulldog from Delray Beach, Florida. About half a year ago Rawlings lost mobility on his back legs. Nowadays his mom is lifting his legs up so he can walk and even run to chase cats.

Rawlings needs of a rear-end wheelchair: $275

Rawlings and I have lost our home along with everything we owned. While going through this tough time, Rawlings has been the reason I wake up every day. Even though he has been going through health issues, he has been by my side absorbing my tears. He is my superhero.

I just want him to be able to run again..before he passes to heaven. I pray he lives 50 more years..I don’t know. I give thanks every day he is here..and just want to see him run again... no matter if for an hour or years..Please help me give him this...💔
— Nancy, Rawlings' Mom


Blue French Dog from Delray Beach, Florida in need of a rear-end wheelchair wheelchair. $275


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