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Ichi is a 6 year old Shepard mix from Orlando. Within a year, she went from limping to not being able to walk, run or play.

Ichi, just like any other dog wants to run and play. This sweet girl cries when she sees her sister because she can’t run and play along.

Ichi needs a rear-end wheelchair from Walkin’Pets: $400

1 year ago our furry baby started to limping on one posterior leg, we thought that she got hurt playing but she never got better and started getting worst.

We took her to the vet and the did X-rays and the vet told us that she has a problem on her spine and her hips and she will never recover. They said that we can treat her with laser to don’t get worst and that she might need a wheel chair,. At that point, she has still walking by herself but a few months later she got worst and worst, she lost all her muscles and she stooped walking. N

Nowadays, she is dragging her posterior legs, and it is breaking our hearts because you can see that she wants to be able to run again, when we take her out with her hip harness and she sees her sister running she starts crying because she wants to play too.

We just want to improve her life quality, she is still young and we think she deserve to be able to run and play again, we will really appreciate if you can help our lovely Ichi to be happy and run again 🙏
— Jessica, Ichi's Mom


6 year old Shepherd Mix from Orlando, FL.

Ichi needs a rear-end chair: $400


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