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Henley is a 6 month old Dachshund, he was born without legs and needed a home before they euthanized him. His mom Pamela heard about Henley and saved Henley’s life.

Pamela rescues disabled pets, in addition to Henley she cares for 2 blind senior dogs and a blind cats. It’s for sure a full house!

Henley needs a custom front wheelchair from Eddie’s Wheels :$500 (approximately)

I am in need of a front end cart for my tiny 6 month old miniature Dachsund, Henley. He was born without his front legs and was to be euthanized by a vet who said he had no quality of life. Someone on FB reached out to me (I am a big animal rescuer and take in disabled pets) and I Immediately said YES! Delta Airlines transport flew him to me free of charge ❤️ all the way from Washington to Ohio!
He just got neutered and has reached his full size and I want him to enjoy a full mobile life with his other special needs brothers and sisters :)
— Pamela, Henley's Mom


6 month old Dachshund from Toledo, OH was born without front legs.

Henley needs a custom made front wheelchair: $500


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