Forte is a rescue dog from Jakarta, Indonesia. She was hit by a car, left on the roadside. Unfortunately her spine broke and she lost mobility on her back legs.

Forte is now with a wonderful couple and is in good hands. More about Forte’s story below from her foster mom.

Forte needs of a rear-end wheelchair: $700.—including shipping and customs fees.

Forte is a rescue which we are currently fostering. We found on the side of the road, she had been hit by a car and was left there for over 17 hours through a monsoon storm and a full day of blazing hot sun.

We rushed her to the vet and then changed location a few days later to a vet who was capable of performing her operation. She then had her back surgery as her spine had separated very badly. We also found out that she needed her tail to be removed as the tissue was slowly dying. Her nerve damage is so severe that her lower back and legs are unresponsive.

We have been caring for her full time for over 8+ weeks now and I still continue to sleep on the floor beside her every night, to insure he booty is always on her pee pad. She is progressing slowly but we are so proud of her and how far she has come in such a short time.

We are unsure of her life before getting hit by the car but we can see her traumas and are trying to help her through them slowly.

A kind animal rescuer in Indonesia has lent us the use of the doggie wheelchair that he has but as Forte has a C shaped spine its a very odd fit for her and she can easily become off balance and tip backwards. It would be incredible to get a chair which has specific adjustments just for her condition.
— Keely, Forte's Foster Mom

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Rescue dog from Jakarta, Indonesia in need of a rear-end wheelchair wheelchair. $700 including shipping and customs fees.


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