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“Lieutenant Dan is a very special puppy. We adopted him from a rescue in Florida at the beginning of October 2018. At that time he was 5 months old and all they knew was that he had severely deformed hind limbs and tail.

We brought him up to us and he was immediately evaluated by the Veterinarian Specialists that I work with at MedVet Cincinnati. He was evaluated by the Neurologist and Surgeon, had blood tests for infectious causes and an MRI completed. Based on diagnostics and the history from the original owner who relinquished him it was determined he was born this way and would be unable to regain use of those limbs.” — Laura, Dan’s Mom

Lieutenant Dan in need of a rear-end wheelchair: $250

As Lieutenant Dan was already getting thinning of the skin on his hind limbs, had significant pain when his hind limbs were manipulated (due to how they were deformed they had to be manipulated to be cleaned and to place in his wheelchair), and was already mobile on his two front limbs it was recommended to do a double hind limb amputation.

He has since been able to get around so much easier and get in and out of his wheelchair easier! Though he does well playing in the house on two legs he needs a wheelchair for anything lengthy like walks and trips to new places. He loves exploring with his two sisters! We have been lucky enough to get a loaner wheel chair from our Rehab Department at work, but now that he is done growing we are ready for a permanent wheelchair for him! We greatly appreciate any support we can get!. He will need the amputation covers for each side of the saddle and a belly support band if possible. We also had to do the flank-fold measurement off of his front end due to not having hind limbs.
— Laura, Dan's Mom

Lieutenant Dan

10 month old rescue puppy from Ohio, in need of a rear-end wheelchair: $250


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