Cindy Eley is a 7 year old dachshund who has been dealing with severe intervertebral disk disease and the resulting paraparesis. She has minimal voluntary movement and, despite excellent nursing care, is beginning to develop pressure sores from lying down all day. I recommended to her family that she would benefit from a wheelchair during her prolonged recovery. Thank you for assisting Mr. and Mrs. Eley with Cindy’s care.
— Cindy's Vet


7 1/2 Year Old Rescue Dachshund from Keizer, OR in need of a small rear-end wheelchair: $200

Donations Received: $190.00 (Updated: 9/26/2018)

Cindy is our little joy, and we adopted her from the Oregon Dachshund Rescue 4 years ago. We had decided to get a second Dachshund after adopting Aonghus the previous month, and the ODR person we talked with said to me, “You used to be a Psychiatric Nurse, didn’t you?”

Right away we learned that Cindy had been rescued from a backyard breeder who had abused her severely. When she came to us, she was a hot mess, so afraid that she shook constantly. In our years with her, she has blossomed into an incredibly loving, affectionate and sweet girl who only wants to please and be with her family. She is strongly bonded to Aonghus, and we would really like for her to be able to get back to playing with him. She is paraplegic since last month, which we believe may have been hastened by her previous abuse.

Our Vet has recommended that we get her a wheelchair due to development of pressure sores on her back elbows and to allow her to continue to exercise to maintain as much muscle as possible. We have been taking her to physical therapy, and we are not ab look e to afford a wheelchair at this time. We would be happy to donate the wheelchair back to you when Cindy no longer needs it. Thank you so much for this opportunity to continue to give Cindy the safe and loving home she deserves.
— Cindy's Mom



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