Chocolate is a 1.5 year old Boxer who is a new mom. Unfortunately, Chocolate was shot when he was chasing squirrels in the woods 1 month after delivering her 11 babies.

Chocolate’s mom never gave up on her when the recommendation was to put her down. Chocolate did go back home to her babies, her back legs are not working but she is healthy otherwise.

Chocolate is in need of a rear-end wheelchair: $360

Chocolate Star is a very loving kind dog. She had 11 puppies on 2/13/19. We went outside early the morning of March 13th. She ran after a squirrel and I called and called for her. I started calling for help to help find her because it wasn’t like her to be not come right back.

After about 6 hours of me praying and looming and calling for her I sat down and asked for the good Lord to bring her home or help me find her, I called once more and she answered me. I told her Momma was coming to just hold on, I was glad Moose went with me because he stopped and I walked passed her back and forth and couldn’t see her, she was making a low sound, I looked at Moose and he pointed at her, She was off a little bank behind a big tree, I told her she was okay Momma’ s got you baby. I looked at her and noticed the spot where she was shot, wasn’t sure at that moment but knew her body wasn’t okay. I prayed once more . I prayed and talked to her the whole way home, holding her, God carrying us.

We weren’t sure on her condition, and talk of putting her down was mentioned, I said no, Let’s wait. let’s give her a chance, if she is suffering then yes but if not then no!

…I walked on back home, the greeting was she’s looking for you, and sure enough she was, she drug herself to me talking to me, I was crying and smiling and hugging her tight. I told the good Lord I sure was happy with his work and since he brought her through this I would do everything I could to keep her happy. And if he didn’t mind when he seen i needed help to guide me. I feel she has suffered enough.

She knows when she has to go potty, she just doesn’t understand what is going on. She needs me as much as I need her and I am so happy you are going to help us. She is a gift from God and Angels are willing to help, it makes a difficult situation seem easy! From diaper changing to pads, I will do it. I love my Chocolate Star!
— Connie - Chocolate's Mom


1.5 year old Boxer Dog from Kellyton , AL, in need of a rear-end wheelchair: $360.


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