This email is confirm the need for Axel a black lab belonging to Tiffany A. to receive a wheelchair. This is a wonderful young couple who have acted in his best interest at all times. Axel would have an increased quality of life and is a generally a happy dog.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for considering to help this family
Yours Truly
— Axel's Vet


9 Year Old Labrador / Chesapeake Bay Retriever Mix from Canada in need of a large rear-end wheelchair.

Large Rear-End Wheelchair: $400 (Wheelchair, Shipping + Custom Fees)

Donations received: $400.00 (Updated 9/14/2018)

My 8 year old lab mix is in every way healthy and happy. In March of 2018 he suffered from a herniated disc in his lower back. He was put on steroids and had a good recovery was back to normal in days, a week later a second disc ruptured and he had no movement at all with no good prognosis that he would ever be able to move his legs again.

With 6 long weeks of bed rest and 6 more of at home therapy (moving his legs hips and joint to maintain good structure and mobility) he can now move both legs purposely and has all feeling back everywhere! He is one tough old man! The whole time he never complained once always let us know when he wanted to move or go out and is generally all about amazing boy!

This dog amazes me every day he is so strong willed, loving, patient, and fearless. He took this all in without a complaint never upset or worried about what was happening because he trusted us every steep of the way. We have 3 dogs all rescued from homes that could care for them.

In the first year of his life Axel was hit 3 times, fell off the back of a truck and dragged up the road and jammed very hard in a door. We have known this dog since birth (he was my boyfriend’s brother’s dog) but he has only been ours since he was 1. He even chose us as he was free to roam the roads. When I moved, the day I moved into the house which he had never been to, he showed up on the door step and barked to be let in. That’s when we knew he had to come live with us.

This dog means everything to me, we cannot have children and he is our baby! We have built a make shift wheelchair to help him get around but our vet thinks he will greatly benefit from a real wheelchair since he does well with what he has and greatly improve his quality of life since he is so healthy every other way! We called a place around here that builds them and they are out of commotion for a while and the vet bills and medication are really starting to add up. We love this boy more than life itself and are willing to do anything to help him, if you could help us out in any way possible we would forever be grateful.
— Axel's Mom



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