Buster Brown


Buster brown

4 year old Pitbull Mix from Los Molinos, CA in need of a large rear-end wheelchair: $400

Donations received: $400 (Updated 9/7/2018)

Buster Brown is a 4 year old “pitbull” type dog who came into our rural animal shelter as a puppy. He came in with a severely damaged back leg, which needed to be amputated. Shortly after recovering, he was adopted.

Fast forward years and Buster Brown’s owners were evicted and left them behind at the house. He came back to our shelter. This is when I first met Buster as a shelter volunteer. He was such a happy boy, and was adopted in a few weeks.

Unfortunately, his new adopters were not responsible owners and he was back in the shelter 4 months later. He had damaged his tail to the point most of it had to be amputated. This time he was at the shelter for 3 months, and was deteriorating quickly. He was a shell of the dog he had been a few months before.

Buster Brown got lucky and was pulled by a rescue and went into a foster home. He went to work with his foster mom and was super well behaved. Going up and down the stairs became difficult for him. He went to stay in a great boarding facility for a bit. It turned out he needed TPLO surgery, which couldn’t be scheduled until he had a foster lined up. We saw a couple of posts about him on the rescue’s social media, and decided to foster him, and give him another chance at the life he deserves.

He has been thriving in our home and loves playing with the 4 resident dogs. Unfortunately, his back leg tires quickly, and most of his outside time must be spent on a leash.

Buster Brown will be having surgery the first week of October. He has an appointment with his vet next week to get his wheelchair recommendation letter, as required by the email I previously sent.

We really appreciate you considering Buster for a wheelchair. In the month that he has been with us, we have completely fallen in love. We know that he deserves a chance to have a normal life with a loving family. Until he finds that family, he is going to be part of our pack, as long as it takes.
— Nichole (Buster Brown's Foster Mom)
Happy boy, Buster Brown.

Happy boy, Buster Brown.



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