I have a gorgeous, soft, loving 11 year old staffy called Bruce. Approximately 6 years ago, he broke his front left elbow which required several surgeries and life long care. Since then, he has now developed severe arthritis in both front legs to the point where he can only take a few steps before collapsing with weakness.

Around 2 years ago, he then developed a ruptured disk in his spine which has since fused with help from hydrotherapy and acupuncture sessions. Unfortunately, his spine now struggles to send regular messages from his back legs to his brain to tell them how to work; resulting in Bruce wobbling around the house and regularly falling over.

He is a dog that is still full of life and energy and will often try to play while lying down in the garden, but he has not been on a walk to the park for around 3 years. We hate to see such a life loving dog waste away in the house and garden, so have now been advised by our vet to get him a life changing wheelchair.

I have received quotes which are looking at a cost of around £570-£620 for a quad wheelchair. We love our boy so so much but just do not have the money to afford something like this.

This is the reason I have contacted you. I hope to keep Bruce happy, healthy and active for many more years but can see us having to let him go to sleep in the very near future if we cannot improve his quality of life.

I really look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.
— Emma and Bruce (woof woof)


11 Year Old Staffordshire Bull Terrier ~ UK

Needs: Medium Quad Wheelchair ~ $900

Donations received: $900.00 (Updated 8/10/2018)

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