My dog’s over all health is Very Good! Baby’s eyes, ears, bones, teeth hips are in no distress or compromised by any illness. My fur baby is suffering from degenerative Myelopathy in her rear left leg. I want nothing more than to give her her dignity and quality of life back. The Vet has recommended several expensive treatments (that I can not afford) or are my last resort. Thank you for your consideration.
— Baby's Mom


15 year old Boxer Mix from Carrboro, North Carolina

Needs: Medium/Large Rear-End Wheelchair = $350.00

Donations received: $350.00 (Updated 7/24/2018)

Please consider donating to other puppers on our waiting list.

Vet recommendation:

I am writing to advocate a wheelchair for my patient Baby Longoria. She is a 15 yr 2 mo old spayed female boxer mix that is having progressive weakness of her rear limbs and urinary incontinence that has been non responsive to medication.

I believe she would be a good candidate for a wheelchair to help improve her daily mobility and to help prevent friction sores from developing on her rear legs.



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