Our Mission

Wheeling Superheroes (WSH)

is a non-profit organization bringing wheelchairs to dogs in need.


Non-Profit Organization

EIN: 82-3706816

100% of your money brings wheelchairs to dogs in need when you donate.

Volunteers and private donors cover our operating costs so 100% of your donation will help dogs in need.

Profits from our shop directly fund dog in need.

muse: PUGLY

Pugly was a loving 13 year old black pug. I adopted him when he was only 6 months old. He was my happy-go-lucky pug. Always full of joy and was the opposite of a picky eater! His favorite was chicken!

In 2016, Pugly was diagnosed with a degenerative neurological condition when his hind legs lost coordination. It  progressed slowly and thankfully he was not in pain. He continued to be his joyful self especially after he was mobile again with his Walkin’ Wheels! With chicken nuggets spurring him on, he was able to get the hang of his new wheels speedily and expertly!

-Christina Ring, pug mom to Smokey and Pugly 2004-2018, and Bernie (3 year old adopted pug)


Instagram @smokeyandpugly #Smokeyandpuglyslegacy